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1001 Jigsaw World Tour Africa game
1001 Jigsaw World Tour Africa
A jigsaw tour through beautiful Africa!

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Blue Reef Sudoku game
Blue Reef Sudoku
Jump into this popular puzzle game!
Monarch - The Butterfly King game
Monarch - The Butterfly King
Help the king with your magic matching.
Cardboard Castle game
Cardboard Castle
Become a fearless knight!
Governor of Poker game
Governor of Poker
Hold `em and know when to fold `em.
Aztec Tribe game
Aztec Tribe
Build the Aztec civilization!

Free Mystery game downloads by genre reverse

Here you can find and download for free the best mystery games, such as Eschalon: Book 1, Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!, Crumb, Hidden Expedition: Devils Triangle, Jewel Quest Mysteries, and more.

Eschalon: Book 1 game
Eschalon: Book 1
June 6, 2008
Immerse yourself in massive outdoor environments and traverse dozens of sprawling dungeons as you seek to uncover the mystery of who you are!
Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble! game
Dangerous High School Girls in Trouble!
September 10, 2008
Coquet, stretch the truth and scoff in the game where good girls get better by being bad! Investigate some strange events as you discover a town's pernicious mystery!
Crumb game
July 8, 2008
Only the worthy can find the Forest Mother. Solve puzzles to unravel the mystery as you explore the Enchanted Forest!
Hidden Expedition: Devils Triangle game
Mystery game 325 MB
Hidden Expedition: Devils Triangle
November 30, -0001
Follow the Hidden Expedition Adventure Team to Devil`s Triangle and help track down Phoebe, a famous ace pilot lost at sea! more…
Jewel Quest Mysteries game
Jewel Quest Mysteries
October 22, 2008
Join Rupert and Emma on another adventure-filled Jewel Quest through the land of Egypt, where mystery reigns and only a keen eye can help you!
Masters of Mystery game
Masters of Mystery
January 14, 2009
A famous fashion designer in New York has been murdered! Use interactive forensic tools to solve cunning puzzles to ultimately uncover the horrifying truth behind these brutal crimes.
Mystery P.I.: Lost in Los Angeles game
Mystery game 41 MB
Mystery P.I.: Lost in Los Angeles
November 30, -0001
The only copy of this year's biggest blockbuster movie has gone missing the day before the VIP Hollywood premiere! Find the film! more…
Becky Brogan: The Mystery of Meane Manor game
Mystery game 102 MB
Becky Brogan: The Mystery of Meane Manor
November 30, -0001
The suspense is building in Becky Brogan`s first mystery. Visit chilling scenes as you uncover the eerie secrets of the past in Meane Manor! more…
Incrediball The Seven Sapphires game
Mystery game 11 MB
Incrediball The Seven Sapphires
November 30, -0001
Travel the world, collecting ancient treasures along the way, as you try to unravel the mystery of a lost civilization. more…
Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box game
Mystery game 79 MB
Vampire Saga: Pandora's Box
November 30, -0001
Travel back in time and experience the mysterious life of your grandfather! Explore eerie Victorian locations and find the truth! more…

All mystery games are free to download, you can try and play all mystery games listed for free.

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